Sourcing & Manufacturing

Sourcing & Manufacturing

The Clear Conscience Pet®  Sourcing and Manufacturing Philosophy: How We Make Our Treats

Just as our nutritional philosophy is strict and uncompromising, we insist on several non-negotiable rules for the sourcing and manufacturing of ALL Clear Conscience Pet® treats.

Sourcing Philosophy

All Clear Conscience Pet® products are made in the U.S.A. from the highest quality, human grade, all natural ingredients. We have worked extensively to develop a network of family ranchers, farmers, and processors with an emphasis on free-range, grass-fed, or organically raised sources. All meat ingredients are required to come from government inspected, humane audited facilities  We are strong believers in the humane animal husbandry principles espoused by the pioneering humane livestock systems developer, Dr. Temple Grandin.* We do extensive testing  of ingredients as well as finished products to insure safety and wholesomeness.

Manufacturing Philosophy

• All treats are made in the U.S.A. in USDA inspected human food level production environments, strictly according to human food handling safety and sanitation standards, including handling of all ingredients exactly as they would be for use in human food.

• We minimize our carbon footprint in shipping of ingredients by partnering as much as possible with independent local natural food processors in the same regions as the ranchers. In this way, Clear Conscience Pet® treats support the “Slow Food” movement.

• Our cooking methods and formulations are all in accord with human natural food manufacturing standards.  We use very simple cooking methods such as slow oven roasting and smokehouse cooking.  These methods help preserve nutrients by cooking more slowly at lower temperatures than typical baked “cookie” and biscuit type treats or dry and canned pet foods.

• If a process, method, or ingredient is not used in human food production, Clear Conscience Pet® won’t use it for our treats. Period.


*Clear Conscience Pet® is not affiliated with Temple Grandin, her companies, or her foundation.  However, we are supporters of her philosophy and have been successful in finding ranchers and processors who are familiar with and follow her principles. We encourage those interested to learn more about Dr. Grandin on her website:

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"I love these little guys (Lamb Airy Bites), they are so delicious! I will do anything woman asks of me when she has these in her hands. Not only are they yummy, but healthy, guilt-free treats as well. Woman is preparing to buy them in bulk to replace all of my other cookies. Everything else I have tried from them has been amazing as well! I would recommend this company and these products to anyone."

Bennie and the Pets

"The best part is that our testers couldn't even tell they were getting health food- they gobbled up the line's Beef Trachey Chewz(tm), Sliders(R) Stikz, Lamb Airy Bites(tm), and more with delight."

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