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Recently, the news is full of concerns about certain pet “jerky” treats from China reportedly making many animals sick, some with fatal results. This so deeply troubling, on every level, that it may shake your confidence in what you should be feeding to your beloved family pets. Our response has been to share as much unbiased and honest information as we can to EMPOWER you to make good decisions and sort the hype from the truth. This press release from October 30th, 2013, provides original research and offers some theories and advice from our founder, companion animal nutritionist Anthony Bennie.

Clear Conscience® is dedicated to a very strict set of principles that govern WHAT we will use in our products (only North American human grade ingredients), HOW we make them (at the artisan craft level of food preparation), and WHY we choose the holistic ingredients we do (to optimize the health of your pet, and also to make them HAPPY since they are the best tasting treats and food toppers in the world!)

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