Clear Conscience Pet wins the 2012 SupplySide Expo Editor's Choice Award. 2012 was the first time this award existed, and we were humbled to be chosen as he inaugural winner!

“This year’s inaugural Supply Side Editors Choice Awards gave us the opportunity to see a number of innovative products in the animal nutrition category. What really appealed to the editorial team about SuperGravy was the high quality of the ingredients, the fact that it can be used for different types of animals, and that it has such a positive impact in many conditions. It was apparent looking at the ingredient list that the product was formulated with the highest nutritional standards and a desire to truly make a difference for animals in need.

After announcing that Clear Conscience Pet’s SuperGravy was the winner of the category, I had a chance to talk with the company’s founder, Anthony Bennie. He has such passion to help change the face of animal nutrition by developing and offering products that really deliver the nutrition animals need for long healthy lives. When I heard that he had found several of his ingredient suppliers at SupplySide, that only underscored the synergy in our selection, as we’re all looking to discover new products that are truly innovative in this evolving market.”

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About Our Beef Trachea

#clearconsciencepet CLEAN Teeth & Gums CAN be FUN take a look for dental health month specials. Ozzy is gnawing on a CCP award-winning Beef Trachey Chewz, he gets a few each week and at 9 years old his teeth look like a pup's! Before giving your dog those fakey "Green dental bones" which are supposedly edible but "engineered" out of glycerin, glutens, and too many other chemicals to list, keep your dog's teeth and gums healthy the safe, natural way. Please read your labels. If you can't pronounce it and don't understand it don't give it to your dog! #cleanlabelpettreats #cleanlabelproducts #dentalchewz #pupjoy #pupsonpar #pawpack

Posted by Clear Conscience Pet on Friday, February 5, 2016

Our Slow roasted pasture-raised American beef trachea is a highly digestible protein, plus an excellent natural source chondroitin, glucosamine, and collagen, the building blocks of joint health. Trachey Chewz are nature’s alternative to laboratory extracted joint care supplements.

Featured Review



"I love these little guys (Lamb Airy Bites), they are so delicious! I will do anything woman asks of me when she has these in her hands. Not only are they yummy, but healthy, guilt-free treats as well. Woman is preparing to buy them in bulk to replace all of my other cookies. Everything else I have tried from them has been amazing as well! I would recommend this company and these products to anyone."

Bennie and the Pets

"The best part is that our testers couldn't even tell they were getting health food- they gobbled up the line's Beef Trachey Chewz(tm), Sliders(R) Stikz, Lamb Airy Bites(tm), and more with delight."

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Join Amanda and Anthony Bennie as they speak with entertaining guests who share their commitments to pet health!

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