Who's that "yin/yang-ish" dog in our logo?

..and why is she there?

The iconic face you see in our logo is a real dog, and not a marketing creation! The drawing is an artist’s rendering of Carly, CCP Founder Anthony's first dog, who came into his life in 1991. Carly suffered from debilitating digestive problems as a puppy. Frustrated by a lack of honest information from those selling pet food, Anthony dug into library shelves with the mission of making Carly healthy by learning what a dog REALLY should eat. This quest led to a 24 year-and-counting career in natural and holistic pet nutrition.

Carly is in doggy heaven now, but she lived a great life and was dearly loved. She lived to be almost 16, a long life for a Chow Chow! Anthony promised Carly that she would always be "with us," and her image appears on every package we make. He also promised to be true to the Clear Conscience ethic, expressed by three core and immutable principles:

PURITY in all ingredients, formulations, and intentions;

CLARITY in communication and education to improve the life and health of animals and in so doing earn the trust of their human guardians;

Bringing JOY to our companion animals through inspired nutrition that understands both their innate biology and their remarkable spirit.