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Clear Conscience Pet Founder and Pet Industry Icon, Anthony Bennie is a frequently published author, offering practical nutrition advice for pet guardian as well as "insider secrets" learned from over 20 years as an executive in the natural pet food industry. He pulls no punches and exposes the deceptive marketing practices and misdirection that the industry uses to sell mediocre products under the guise of "all natural" nutrition.

There are also several inspirational stories focusing on the SPIRITUAL dimensions of our relationship with animals; look for stories with the angel image!

Anthony welcomes feedback, suggestions, questions, and your "wish lists" for articles you would like to see in the future! Write him at

Fighting the Hype in Pet Nutrition- 5 Steps

Read Anthony Bennie's "Choosing Safer and Smarter Pet Food and Treats- The 5 Icon Rules " article.
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Pet Nutrition Expert Offers Tips For Holiday Treats For Stamford Pets

Joe Jenkins 12/22/13

Pet nutrition expert Anthony Bennie is offering tips to help keep pets healthy and safe this holiday season. Photo Credit: Contributed

WILTON, Conn. -- With the holidays fast approaching, Wilton resident and pet nutrition expert Anthony Bennie is offering tips to keep pets safe.


SuperGravy® Breakthrough Dog Food Topper Recipes Debut at SuperZoo in Las Vegas

SuperGravy® Breakthrough Dog Food Topper Recipes Debut at SuperZoo in Las Vegas
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FOX 5 News talks to Anthony Bennie, Founder of Clear Conscience about the recent pet food scare.

Jason Feinberg of FOX 5 News sits down with Anthony Bennie, the Founder of Clear Conscience Pet and expert pet nutritionist and discusses the recent pet food scare and tainted dog treats from China.


April Fools: GhoStar Release

What do Jerry Garcia, Johnny Cash, Elvis, Michael Jackson, John Lennon, Janis Joplin, and Jimi Hendrix have in common? Read this crazy report to find out!
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Clear Conscience Pet® Launches Clean Label™ Pet Treats and Urges Consumers to Beware of Deceptive Labeling Practices

PRWEB.COM Newswire - Las Vegas, Nevada - July 22, 2014

When is an "all-natural" pet food or treat not really all that natural? In the opinion of one twenty year veteran of the natural pet food industry, all too often.



By Anthony Bennie


Are you and your pets ready for a “pet food divorce?” Yes, I know it sounds rather dramatic! But after 25 years in the natural and holistic pet nutrition industry, I’ve seen too many examples of pet guardians tolerating lackluster or poor results from their pet foods.

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Pet Treats with a Clear Conscience

Thanks to the ongoing heated controversy regarding dog jerky treats made in China, a great many pet parents are becoming far more vigilante about pet treats, and are seeking safer, healthier alternatives.


Taylor Bay: Potcake from Paradise- A Tale of Love, Loss, and Renewal

The story of Taylor Bay began on the island of Providenciales, in the Turks and Caicos Islands. She and her five Potcake littermates were tiny two-week-old pups with little chance of survival when they were pulled from the scrubby grass off the beach, but they were among the lucky ones rescued by the Potcake Foundation and TCSPCA. They received vet care, and were housed and fed with a chance to be adopted.


Treating with Clear Conscience

As a self-taught canine and feline nutritionist, I have a confession to make: I spent most of my 20 year career in the natural and holistic pet food industry beating up on "by-products" as ingredients in food and treats.


Savannah Fitts June 2, 2001 - September 22, 2015

Tribute to a Golden Girl

Today, we had the terribly sad experience of saying goodbye to a family member who we’ve known for 14 years. Savannah is the beautiful Golden girl who spent her whole life with Amanda’s Aunt Candida Fitts, along with her human “brother,” Amanda’s Cousin Alan.


Humane Sourcing and the Pet Food Industry

We love our companion animals. We talk to them constantly, they sleep in our homes (sometimes in our beds!), and we give them parties and buy them gifts. In short, we treat them as furry four-legged humans.


Maui and the Dragonfly: A True Story of Visitation

For anyone who loves animals, and especially those who have suffered the profound pain of losing one of your beloved companions, I'd like to offer a story that I hope may, in some small way, help you to heal a bit from the sadness and emptiness that such a loss can bring.


Potcakes of the Caribbean -

These unique island dogs are finding loving new homes throughout the US and Canada, thanks to a dedicated rescue network. While on a flight to the Turks and Caicos Islands in February of 2011, I started thumbing through a tourist publication.


Bringing Joy to Dogs through Nutrition

By: Anthony Bennie, Founder and Chief Nutrition Officer, Clear Conscience Pet® LLC

What is the “secret” to making your dog healthier and HAPPIER?

If we dig more deeply to discover compelling core truths about the human-dog relationship, and become more attuned to the innate biological needs and desires of dogs, we can help bring JOY to our dogs.


Animal Wellness Magazine - Top 10 secrets Pet Food Manufacturers don't want you to know.

Savvy dog folks are educating themselves about the importance of healthy nutrition for their companions. They’re learning how to look for better quality pet foods, avoid unwanted ingredients, and read labels.


Pet Age Honors Pet Industry ICON Award Winners: Clear Conscience Pet Founder Anthony Bennie Honored in First Group Selected

Anthony Bennie, the Founder and Chief Nutrition Officer of Clear Conscience Pet, has been named a winner in the 2015 Pet Age ICON awards program. The awards program is produced by Pet Age, a leading trade publication serving all


Why Clear Conscience Pet Won’t Use Glycerin in Our Products - A CCP White Paper

As an animal nutritionist and the founder of a company that develops naturally healthy treats such as our new Sliders® Holistic dog snacks and SuperGravy® food enhancing toppers, I face hundreds of choices and questions in the process of inventing and formulating new products.


Seven Smart Ways to Love Your Pet on Valentine's Day

How much do we LOVE our pets on Valentine’s Day? We love them so much that many of us treat them just like human family, include them in holiday gift giving, and give them birthday parties!


Pet Nutrition Expert Offers 14 New Year’s Resolutions for Healthier and Happier Pets

Clear Conscience Pet founder Anthony Bennie provides nutrition tips as well as other preventive health strategies, some of which are bound to be controversial.


Podcast Friday 1:15-1:25 pm P.T. CCP Founder Anthony Bennie to Speak at Supply Side Convention

Anthony Bennie, Founder and CNO (Chief Nutrition Officer) of Clear Conscience Pet to have a live Podcast on Friday 1:15-1:25pm P.T. at the Supply Side Convention in Las Vegas.


7 Smart Ways to Love Your Pet on Valentine’s Day

How much do we LOVE our pets on Valentine's Day? We love them so much that many of us treat them just like human family, include them in holiday gift giving, and give them birthday parties!


Pet Nutrition Expert Urges Consumers to Scrutinize Food and Treat Labels

Wilton, CT - November 27, 2013 - Clear Conscience Pet founder Anthony Bennie offers advice and resources to make Thanksgiving and Christmas worry-free for pet owners and safe for pets.

Many pet guardians are troubled by mixed messages from government and the media this holiday season, as reports of pet illnesses from Chinese pet jerky treats are resurfacing.


Featured Review



"I love these little guys (Lamb Airy Bites), they are so delicious! I will do anything woman asks of me when she has these in her hands. Not only are they yummy, but healthy, guilt-free treats as well. Woman is preparing to buy them in bulk to replace all of my other cookies. Everything else I have tried from them has been amazing as well! I would recommend this company and these products to anyone."

Bennie and the Pets

"The best part is that our testers couldn't even tell they were getting health food- they gobbled up the line's Beef Trachey Chewz(tm), Sliders(R) Stikz, Lamb Airy Bites(tm), and more with delight."

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