Our Companions

Here are some great photos of our wonderful pets here at CCP!

Bub and Geo are Michelle Conatser's gorgeous felines.

Bub is our big boy, he's going on 10 years old. He still sleeps in our bed every night :)
Then we have Geo who was born sometime in July, 2013. He was found by a friend .. just 4 weeks old alone and hiding under the clubhouse at a local baseball field! He weighed just 1lb 3oz. He was full of earmites and hungry!! We couldn't resist him. He's so much fun, fitting in great with Jesse, 7, Marissa, 3, and most importantly with Bub!

Images of Bub and Geo

Mommy Cat is Anthony Bennie Sr.'s cat.

Mommy Cat

Pets of our Friends
Here are a few pictures of our friends' adorable pets.

Ozzy is our Golden retriever. He turned 7 in May, and he is an absolute doll. We have had him since he was a naughty 4 month old! Now he is our regal yet fun handful!

Taylor Bay is our 2 year old Potcake that we rescued from Turks and Caicos on a family trip.

Maui and Tuxedo are sisters for real. They were born in New Jersey on an old fishing boat in Anthony's parents backyard. We adopted them when we first moved into our house in Ct 11 years ago and will turn 12 in April.

Our intention was to just get one kitten but could not bear to separate them. Sweet Sweet sweet is what they are, and they play together everyday. They are indoor cats because of the fear of coyotes in our neck of the woods, but have access to all windows to watch wildlife full time.

PS: they love the dogs but don't tell!!

Meet Cody and Nibbles... both of them love Super Gravy!

Aren't they cute!!

cody loves super gravy
Cody Loves Super Gravy 

cody  more please
Cody...More Please 

cody all gone
Cody...All Gone 

nibbles loves super gravy too
Nibbles loves Super Gravy too

super gravy for cody
Super Gravy for Cody

super gravy
Super Gravy

Stacy Mantle's Pets

Cheiss loves to wolf down a few lamb airy bites throughout the day. He loves the bite-sized pieces and pure lamb protein!

Brock adores every treat in the Clear Conscience Pet catalog! His favorite is the beef trachey chewz which allow him to gnaw for longer than a few minutes and helps work out his massive jaws.

Bree loves the CCP Trachey Chewz! These last longer than a minute and helps keep her teeth clean while she focuses on the pure destruction of this delicious treat!

Featured Review



"I love these little guys (Lamb Airy Bites), they are so delicious! I will do anything woman asks of me when she has these in her hands. Not only are they yummy, but healthy, guilt-free treats as well. Woman is preparing to buy them in bulk to replace all of my other cookies. Everything else I have tried from them has been amazing as well! I would recommend this company and these products to anyone."

Bennie and the Pets

"The best part is that our testers couldn't even tell they were getting health food- they gobbled up the line's Beef Trachey Chewz(tm), Sliders(R) Stikz, Lamb Airy Bites(tm), and more with delight."

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