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"What do you mean I'm blocking the way? I'm guarding the second floor!"


"What do you mean, you hope I'm comfortable... why wouldn't I be now that you've made the bed for me and propped up the pillows as I prefer?"


Follow Clear Conscience at the Chicago Pet Show! Here is Anthony, CEO of CCP being thanked by famous service dog and blogger 'Gander'

Anthony and Gander the Service Dog
Anthony and Gander the Service Dog


Gander the Famous Service Dog and Blogger
Gander the Famous Service Dog and Blogger


For more information about Gander the service dog, advocate of disabled veterans... check out

Holiday Safety Tips

Everyone looks forward to the holiday season, even our furry family members! But what's festive for you can also be dangerous for Maui, Ozzy, and Taylor, so we'd like to share some tips for safe holidays.

Protect Maui, Ozzy, and Taylor from common holiday pet hazards.

View Holiday Pet Safety Tips!


If you have any questions or would like to discuss any concerns about Maui, Ozzy, and Taylor please call us at (203) 762-2002 or email us at:

2 Grand prize winners for our photo contest

Dexter Morgan and Dino Martin
Dexter Morgan and Dino Martin


Our golden doodles, Dexter Morgan and Dino Martin, are my family’s world! We bring them to work with us every day and they know when we say, “C’mon, let’s go to work,” that it’s time to go to the office. We got Dino last summer to give Dexter a brother to play and grow up with. Dexter and Dino have brought such warmth and happiness to our lives – we can’t imagine life without them!
-Mary Cunningham, Ormond Beach, FL


Rizzo, Brinkley, B'nellie, Hailey and Chip
Rizzo, Brinkley, B'nellie, Hailey and Chip


We have owned Wirehaired Pointing Griffon's for over 13 years...that little guy on the end, Chip, is the grandson of our Huntley who passed over the rainbow bridge last June and he is the one that started our whole craze. They are versatile hunting dogs, and I've been in the show ring with Rizzo, but most importantly they are part of the family. All 5 sleep in our bedroom every night and are very loving pets. We would also like to train for therapy work at some point in our future. This is the first Holiday photo we have taken of our gang and we are so happy everyone enjoyed it so much! Pictured from left to right...Rizzo, Brinkley, B'nellie, Hailey and Chip.
- Mary Kaiser, Fruitport, MI

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"I love these little guys (Lamb Airy Bites), they are so delicious! I will do anything woman asks of me when she has these in her hands. Not only are they yummy, but healthy, guilt-free treats as well. Woman is preparing to buy them in bulk to replace all of my other cookies. Everything else I have tried from them has been amazing as well! I would recommend this company and these products to anyone."

Bennie and the Pets

"The best part is that our testers couldn't even tell they were getting health food- they gobbled up the line's Beef Trachey Chewz(tm), Sliders(R) Stikz, Lamb Airy Bites(tm), and more with delight."

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Join Amanda and Anthony Bennie as they speak with entertaining guests who share their commitments to pet health!

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