Unadulterated and minimally processed WHOLE FOOD ingredients supply all nutrients. All products are Free of grains, glutens, glycerin,GMO's, artificial preservatives, flavors, or colors. That's what ALL NATURAL should mean.


You won't need a dictionary or an advanced degree to understand the ingredients in Clear Conscience Pet(r) CLeanLabel(tm) products. You'll recognize them because they are real foods, not "engineered:" ingredients that you've never heard of that don't belong in a healthy pet food or treat.


    To every ingredient, there is a reason! If it's in a a Clear Conscience Pet(r) CleanLabel(tm) product, IT'S THERE TO MAKE YOUR PET HEALTHIER. We refuse to compromise and cheapen our healthy treats, chews, or food toppers by using the "fractions and fillers" found in so many pet products.

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Anthony Bennie, founder of Clear Conscience Pet, and advocate of pet nutrition, welcomes you to the Clear Conscience Pet website. Here you can find everything you need on the award-winning line of Clear Conscience Pet foods, along with relevant news from pet food experts. Make sure to also join our community of like-minded concerned pet guardians by joining our community on Facebook and Twitter.

Introducing the New Wave in Natural Pet Nutrition.... The NEW CleanLabel(tm) Line from Clear Conscience Pet! CleanLabel is an exciting new way of looking at pet nutrition. It respects the intelligence of consumers , and supports the optimum health of your companion animals with PURE ingredients, CLEAR language, and remarkable formulations that will bring JOY to every treat, chew, or food topper.

DEAL #1: Buy 2, Get AIRY!

Buy any two of Scappy Chewz, Lamb Trachey 3 count, Lamb Airy Bark 2.8oz. (Can be mixed and matched) and receive a free 1.1oz Lamb Airy Bite!

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